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FIRST LET's look at open baffle/baffled speakers and WHY they sound GOOD
Box speakers are fake bassy,and their engineering is fake,they sound boxy because of the box acoustics,boxes are acoustics beasts they reproduce bass according to their box acoustics.

Driver must come first because is the source of sound,open baffle/or baffled speaker is the closest thing to driver sound.

Open baffle has been malengineered because of lack of knowledge.

You can engineer any driver with baffled speaker system.depending on your knowledge of course

The acoustic property of baffle is almost neutral ,the only thing baffle does is increase efficiency of the driver.

To get the bass you want you have to start with the driver first,and second with a baffle to increase efficiency of bass.

Another unique feature of baffled speaker can provide 3D image on sound.

Folding the baffle reduces foot print of speaker.

Diffused bass as some call it, is the product of low efficiency of baffled speaker.

Cone size does increase efficiency but near field.

Power and room increase efficiency room field.

NOW LET's look at box speakers and WHY they sound BOXY
The sealed box,least boxy than the vented box

To get an idea of the speaker response (in design) we should look at the Qtc graph

The graph displays various QTCs

The ideal seems to be the 0.7 because is flat and with extended bass response

Higher QTCs peak at resonant frequency and have less bass response . Lower QTCs are over damped at resonance with good bass response but less flat response than 0.7

All this depends on the volume of the Box

The vented box has a vent and the internal acoustics of the box radiate through the vent so it's more boxy than the sealed box.

Now i have formulated my own maths for the sealed box which is my own proprietary technology

However for Thiele/Small maths on sealed box click the link bellow

==>> Thiele/Small Maths

NOW LET's look at box vented speakers and why sound bad

Vented speakers have a vent,this vent couples box acoustics to room acoustics, with sealed speakers box acoustics are sealed,and we only treat room acoustics, vent speakers box acoustics are complex and when put in a room is very dificult to treat room acoustics because both interact and need high precision alignment, this alignment is not possible,because is highly unreliable.

My Conclusion as to what is best
It's the sealed box speaker (just the right bass) , not too much bassy (vented box) , not too less bassy (open baffle).


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